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Whether you’re planning an event for a 100, an international conference for 10,000 or your own booth somewhere, Solution is always there help you.

Solution Design ISO

Our Process


“At this early design stage, we begin by setting up a face to face meeting. Then our design team starts researching and brainstorming insights and ideas. By defining the clients’ goals and objectives the creative design sparks begin to unfold and the first design definitions are put to paper.”


This is the fun part where all the necessary design & sustainability criteria seamlessly get integrated into the exhibition design project or experience. We infuse your key objectives to positively engage and develop your audience, designing unique and bespoke exhibitions.


“With strong organization and communication skills, we break down the tasks then start giving production orders to our team in the warehouse. We make sure everything is in place in a trial installation of the stand then we transport to the venue. “


“When it comes to handing over, our team is present in the venue for any questions you might have, ensuring that you receive the high-quality impressive stand that was promised.”

Through the entire exhibition design service methodology process, our consultancy studio injects high-end creative design solutions that are flexible, aesthetic and engaging.

how we work

Our creative designers work closely with you to develop bespoke exhibition design ideas and concepts that are tested as well as researched. When it comes to creativity set no boundaries, generating engaging exhibit concept designs.

Research, strategy and budget planning
Brainstorming, designing and development
Fabrication, Production and Intallation
Completion and hand-over succesfully